Thursday, November 19, 2009

VFW SS 2010: Papillon

Vancouver-based contemporary label Papillon has been creating clothing for over 30 years. I'm sure in that time the design team has seen various trends cycle in and out of fashion. One perennially popular style is boho-chic.

The collection Papillon presented for VFW had a definite boho feel. Yet while there were plenty of maxi dresses, floral and ethnic-inspired prints, and flowy fabrics on show, there were no peasant blouses, tunics, or fringe details in sight.

In fact, the runway show began with a series of mini-dresses - one paired with a cropped jean jacket and another with a fitted black blazer. The use of shiny fabrics and rich colours added a more modern touch than is typically associated with boho clothing.

I quite liked this black and gold smock dress. You often see smock tube dresses in pastel colours during the summertime. I find this style of dress in those types of colours, particularly in a shorter length, can leave women looking like as though on their way to the beach... or a play-date. The above dress, however, is slightly more sophisticated.

Papillon introduced maxi dresses about halfway through their spring 2010 collection. As with the other pieces of the collection, these dresses were less hippie-gypsy and more fresh and modern. They would probably be more suitable for a garden party than Glastonbury - sorry Sienna.

Photos courtesy of Wayne Mah

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Iamrockdiva said...

I am frequently inspired by bright colours, and the dresses are very ey-catching!